Friday, August 13, 2010

Tidal Flow Constructed Wetlands for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

This blog is intended to reach out to water technology professionals, real-estate developers, scientists, engineers and those interested in promoting the use of sustainable water treatment technologies.  Tidal Flow Constructed Wetlands is a new and powerful generation of treatment wetlands that have been proven to be energy efficient, scalable and cost effective for domestic, industrial and agricultural applications.   My background includes  17 years of discovery, refinement and deployment of  tidal flow wetlands.  The ReCip technology been commercialized by my private company ReCiprocating Water Technologies LLC ( ).  The ReCip-brand  tidal flow wetlands can be rapidly and cost effectively designed, constructed and operated at most locations around the world.  It is suited for wastewater flows ranging from hundreds of gallons/day (individual households) to multi-million gallons per day (industrial parks, agriculture, and small communities).  Please feel free to comment with any technical questions or business concerns that you may have regarding ReCip-brand tidal flow wetlands.  I

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